• MSL Curiosity RoverMSL Curiosity Rover

    One of the largest steps in space exploration, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) named Curiosity was launched today with an Atlas V 541 vehicle and it really is now on its option to Mars. The Curiosity rover has similarities in size and weight to a small car and it'll be the biggest spacecraft to ever land on Mars. a really elaborate landing procedure not just enables it to arrive safely the… »
  • ABB Robotics – Packing CheeseABB Robotics – Packing Cheese

    At dairy giant Arla Foods' factory in Sweden the repetitive work of packing cheese into boxes was taking its toll at the workforce. Placing blocks of cheese right into a carton on the rate of nearly one per second caused high rates of repetitive strain injuries. The answer was to automate with four packing cells from Graniten, each built around an IRB 120 robot… »
  • M-3iA/6S Picking Robot Picks Stamped Parts — FANUC Robotics Industrial AutomationM-3iA/6S Picking Robot Picks Stamped Parts — FANUC Robotics Industrial Automation

    FANUC Robotics Picking, Packing & Palletizing Robots - www.fanucrobotics.com This robotic demonstration cell features the FANUC M-3iA/6S four-axis robot because it locates and picks randomly-oriented stamped parts from an in-feed conveyor, and stacks them into two different nests. The M-3iA robot is a bigger version of FANUC Robotics M-1iA "Genkotsu" robot. The FANUC… »
  • Ant-Roach Pneumatic Ride-able RobotAnt-Roach Pneumatic Ride-able Robot

    IO9 has a pleasant video of Otherlab's Ant-Roach the pneumatic ride-able 6 legged robot. Ant-Roach is amazingly slow but can support 1000 pounds of weight. Perhaps someday it may support its own pneumatics and be faster. Otherlab's Youtube channel includes more videos of Ant-Roach in addition to other pneumatic devices like a pneumatic arm and pneumatic animals.Source… »



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